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'Revive Old Wonder' consists of drum machine and guitar songs inspired by early 90s cassette albums and was recorded mostly in San Francisco!


released April 3, 2009

Andrew is responsible for every sound you hear except a beat and a contribution to a beat provided by long-time Advrb drummer Taylor Kaplan.



all rights reserved


Advrb Portland, Oregon

Andrew Barton plays, sings, records, organizes, and designs music things as Advrb.

Kellen Hopfner sings with him.

Josh Bay plays cello.

Elisabeth Ryan plays drums.

The band sounds both quiet and loud.
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Track Name: Busy Bee
it's 8:30 in the morning
can you hear that, can you hear that?
it's my heart drumming
it's time to be up practicing
drawing, singing, acting
i've got to get into the groove of this routine
the pattern, the grind, of this bizarre scene
first thing:
brew that black benevolent bean!
then carefully dress
make sure to keep the hair a mess
ears protected from the cold attacking
as i hop over the railroad crossing
new mud, the snowbanks melting
minute by minute, hour by hour,
i'm a busy bee
circling around this tree
Track Name: This November
this november, i'll remember
all the letters in my mailbox
with your name above the return address
in the corner of the handmade envelopes
that used to be recycled paper grocery bags
and you, you should remember
all the letters in your mailbox
with my name above the return address
in the corner of the handmade envelopes
that used to be fancy watercolor paper
you should call me
and tell me
when you have enough
to fill a shoe box
and i will call you
and tell you
when i have enough
to fill a shoe box
i don't want to
be friends who
remember one another
only in november
when opening up a shoe box
Track Name: Someday We're Going To Live In Belgium (Demo)
someday we're going to live in belgium
drink wine out of wicker bottom bottles
then ride our bicycles down hills full throttle
we'll hang our clothes out on the line
over the courtyard between our rooms
above the cherry trees in full bloom
yeah, someday we're going to live in belgium
wake up to the smell of bread baking
and coffee on the stove percolating
we'll work for a florist and a book-binder
buy our food at the local market
with euros from our shared woven basket
yeah, someday we're going to live in belgium
dress as ridiculously as we want
herringbone coats and canvas totes we'll flaunt
we'll wheat paste posters with drawings of rabbits
to crumbling brick buildings
we'll stay up late nights, making up songs & singing
they won't have to break new ground
but they will be pure and honest sound
and when are living in belgium
we'll tell all those dumb fucks,
those who ever doubted us
they said "that's a silly fantasy!"
we said "it's going to become reality!"
yeah, not just trappist ales and fancy chocolates
no we carry our dreams around with us in our pockets
Track Name: Out By The Radio Towers
out by the radio towers,
in the latest latest hours,
we've done this drive for years and years
for 5 minutes
outside the city limits
the sky greyish purple form the distant smog
up here there's only thick and real fog
surrounding the jagged tree-line
leaning in like creatures in
where the wild things are
this car stereo can't get much louder
quiet, chilled out album blasted loud!
my best friend used to live out here
on the way to see him you'd almost always almost hit deer
but we never, never did...
and in his garage
we'd play ear splittingly loud improvised post-rock
where there was a booth
from the amazing burrito place
that we all grew up with
obtained off the street
when it went bourgeoisie, shortly before it was replaced
we banged out songs
everyone but me would hit the bong
now, all of us have to do this drive
every time that we are home to revive
fox hollow!
this is south, south eugene,
this is where spent our teens
this is where cars become one with evergreens
eventually light explodes,
we return to churches
and scary SUVS
and 70s housing developments
and our memories break back into fragments
Track Name: Pewter Elephant
a sparkle stopped my sidewalk treading
then right down i bent–
it was a pewter elephant
she'll hand it back to me
just like a movie
in the near future
for now i'll keep it safe until it gets around her neck secure

well, i play and listen to
boombox folk rock
y'know, songs with clever references
and revealing humorous sentences
to document each quarter of the year
as true adulthood gets really fucking near

the afternoon sun in berkeley california
instantly cures my brief nausea
Track Name: Quietly Buzzing
step, put hands in pockets
zip up your jacket
drink coffee purchased
where there's a chalkboard in the window
displaying a scrawled, beautiful manifesto
you didn't know
how close
you've got to get to strangers' faces
when you're a special guest of the
municipal transportation agency
yeah you've paid a dollar fifty
and you see blemishes
you see
the detail in bad haircuts
you see
people eating from small bags of peanuts
you see
new things everywhere
well, you're somewhere new!
aclimation into action!
sifting through the shelves,
the cds tell stories...
yeah i need more, more, more
obscure 10'' vinyl
yeah more, more,
more from this record store...
i can only justify it by reminding
myself that i'm positively affecting
future generations
every day at work
yeah i'm tutoring K through 12s
and it's amazing
except when i don't know how
to do the problems on their math homework
at the cole street pattiserie
i watch the sun set gracefully
trendsetters in alligator skin loafers
are trying to look cool while eating bread & butter
and it's not working
well here i am
out in san francisco
and you might be wondering
what i'm doing
well i'm doing my thing
which is quietly buzzing
which is quietly buzzing
which is quietly buzzing.
Track Name: S.A.D.

i am ready
for the end of this fucking humidity
i am ready
for sweater weather
come every september
i think i have seasonal effective disorder
well the rust is spreading up and around
and more and more are falling to the ground
they're getting more and more done
just like the summer sun
well as the grey comes, so so the rain comes
and on that first day i sit on the porch
as it pours
and i see our neighbors scary pumpkins
and the only thing we have to compete
are some soggy orange jack-o-lantern marshmallow peeps
well who knew that shit even existed? mmm?
i am ready
to end this fucking humidity
i am ready
for sweater weather
come every september
i think that i have seasonal effective disorder
i start drinking nothing but hot spiced cider
i start wearing all brown
i start shaking trees' branches
i start thinking things are gunna be different this fall
and i listen to a band from olympia washington called kickball
now i'm sitting in the upstairs bay window
after the clouds have swallowed all thats leftover of the summer sun
yeah, september is finally done.
Track Name: Mixtape
the kitchen looks empty
though its cluttered beyond belief
there is nighttime quiet
but some sounds don't sleep

hums and ticks and trickling water
creaking floors and the radiator
these things snore around me

descriptive words and selfish wishes
late night snacks and dirty dishes
won't make the morning come any sooner

i am spinning with anticipation
i am tingling with determination
i am going on a bright new mission!

it's that feeling that can only come
after getting a mixtape from someone
and after listening
in your room on a quiet evening
you conclude that every song
takes you in, offers to be your friend,
creates a soundspace
where you belong
where you belong
and you try to stay there
Track Name: Northwest Winter
i open my eyes
to northwest winter
morning brightness and fresh cold color

the moss on the fences
the waking up neighborhood noises
the rightness, the beauty of this place is clear

i really missed being here