by Advrb

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This e.p. is a product of early spring in Vermont. It was written, recorded, and mixed in one week. It was released a week later. Andrew played everything, except for some audience participation and some Pegasissy participation on the live version of "Red Stripe" from the 'Hot Air Balloon' LP.


released May 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Advrb Portland, Oregon

Andrew Barton plays, sings, records, organizes, and designs music things as Advrb.

Kellen Hopfner sings with him.

Josh Bay plays cello.

Elisabeth Ryan plays drums.

The band sounds both quiet and loud.
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Track Name: Floral Print Doc Martens
a thousand stops (at coffee shops)
lookin' just like the early 90s
zines and newspaper scraps
knee hole jeans and wool caps
the patched up canvas bag!
and the floral print doc martens!
she's got old issues of 'optic nerve' & 'eightball'
her depression sunk in sometime this fall.
she saves her money for 7''s and cassettes
and on the weekends
shoots hoops where there's a chain net
she's living in starts and stops
(but always in coffee shops)
with a sketchbook and crooked grin,
i wonder how this friendship will begin
Track Name: Mr. Evans
remember that awesome substitute teacher?
mr. evans?
an archeologist–
he was such a badass.
he'd bring dinosaur bones to class.
remember dinosaur bones?
no, seriously–
remember dinosaur bones?
Track Name: The Cracked Blacktop
the other day– a record that i had mail ordered
arrived and i waited until i'd gotten home,
looked it over, then set out alone
my sneakers hit the cracked blacktop
over the shadow of the basketball net
i scurried like a mouse...over to the plastic playground.
they weren't made like •that• when i was a kid.
i stood on the merry-go-round,
some leftover leaves rustled, yeah they did.
there was a 4-square ball,
vivid emerald green.
i'd never seen one like that outside of Eugene.
it was floating in a puddle right next to a dumpster
of the same, the same damn color!
after a moment standing, breathing, the tunes inspired me to continue adventuring past houses where the clapboard stands out.
the sleepy streets i couldn't live without and later when the full moon in high i'll traverse the woods and communities of darkened domiciles...
with each steps my soles will sigh
dreaming of buildings, future dwellings,
so old and tall
along crumbling river walls
Track Name: All Pepperoni Or All Gone
it sucks to be a vegetarian
and be invited to an office/awesome pizza party
and think that you're going to save money
and eat something tasty
but when you get there
it's all pepperoni or its all gone!!!!
it's all pepperoni
or it's all gone
Track Name: Red Stripe (featuring Pegasissy + Friends)
in the evenings between eight and eleven o'clock
in the same sky-lit room after the same walk
past fine folks addicted to meth amphetamines
who've been shooting/snorting/whatever in public latrines
i sip tea from a mug you sort of made
and we watch a movie with that guy from blade
it's amazing
Wesley Snipes, action hero:
as a drag queen!
show me the print that won honorable mention
and i'll get confused about my intentions
when i arrived you were eating a sandwich from the pita pit
and surfing idly on the internet
while listening to frank sinatra
and laughing the whole scene off but you don't gotta
let's dance to these absurd songs
and wish wish wish that the summer stretched on
look, look, look around you
it's a british comedy series
from two thousand and two
look, look, look around you
fake educational videos
there to push away the world's woes
when we say goodnight i will stop for a minute
on your back porch step down so i can fit
into this hug that we've been practicing
and when i step through the gate i will sing
in a way that's so "embarrassing"
i will sing along
with the headphones on
i will sing
in a way that's so "embarrassing"!
Track Name: Purple Mini Mountain Morning
its that time of newborn morning
when the sun only hits the left side of the trees
from here i can see
the distant purple mountains.
they aren't actually mountains
but they are actually purple.
the long, long railroad tracks
and the lone church steeple.
Track Name: Ice Cream Cones At Dusk
ice cream cones at dusk when you got off work
the carved wooden bench in the park until it got dark
the dew on the grass forming under our feet
sticky hands from the last moments of that treat
we set off into the green and dark blue summer night
our shadows blending on the pavement by the moonlight
mixtapes, lavender flowers, and
a syphilitic french poet's biography...
that was years ago now we're in our early twenties
our union has had numerous ups and downs
but you're the one friend i'm sure i'll stick around.
yeah, we're going to build a treehouse in our 70s!
when i hear you sing about our hometown it makes me cry
i just think about the past, the stars by the river that july
now i wish you success in everything you do.
yeah nothing, nothing could be more true
and it's with affection that you make fun of me
and i absorb it, i accept it willingly
it just makes me want to stand up tall
and take on the stubborn world
with art as my wrecking ball